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1572 Wilmington Pike (Rt. 202) 1/2 miles from the intersection of Rt. 202 & Rt. 1
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Riding to stay fit requires a fit place to ride
Posted by Rich Schwartzman on July 24th, 2013

Finding a fit place to ride can be a problem for bicyclists. The country roads in the greater Chadds Ford area make for a picturesque ride as long as cyclists are prepared to put up with impatient motorists. But what about inclement weather or riding simply for fitness?

Riding has changed over the years. Gone are the days of kids pedaling down the street in those old tank bikes with no gears, using only footbrakes and not wearing a helmet. And stationary bikes now take a backseat to training devices that tilt and lean just like the real thing.

And that's where Erica Burns comes in. Burns is the new owner of FitRyde, between Fisher's Carpet One and Pioneer Urgent on Route 202 in Chadds Ford Township. In the corporate world she sold software, but has been a certified trainer for the past 10 years.

Burns bought the business in February and has set out to establish, what she calls, "a culture of fitness and friendship."

The first thing she did, she said was to buy more of the newer bikes that tilt, lean and move. Burns said those bikes give a more dynamic workout. She also added studio space and put together a training regimen that works for all levels of riders, from the 19-year-old college students to the over 62 crowd.

She said cycling is a great way to cross train and is especially beneficial for former runners whose knees can no longer take the pounding of running. Cycling is low impact where knees are concerned.

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Managing and Operating Health Club - 12 /2009

Riding to stay fit requires a fit place to ride
Posted by Rich Schwartzman on July 24th, 2013

The RealRyderTMABF8 improves upon the standard indoor cycle class in many ways. Instructors can now utilize many more exciting and meaningful drills that improve the workout and experience. For example, with a RealRyder ABF8, the motion of the RealRyder allows the instructor to target upper body and core muscle groups all while dramatically increasing a class's fun factor.

I'm on my way to meet the industry innovator and business owner, Sean Harrington at his showroom in Santa Monica, California. His recent development is the Real Ryder ABF8, an indoor cycling bike with an articulating frame, which allows you to experience a free ride feeling. Sean is the man behind such innovations as the Heartmate stationary bike in the '80s which was the first bike of its kind to feature a built-in TV screen. He also developed the Windracer Bike, the Windracer Rower, The Sit-Up-Master and the first ever tennis ball-throwing machine called The Hustler. He is also the man who introduced Nautilus to the West Cast and he actually owned 38 Nautilus clubs in California, what would become part of the "24 Hour Fitness" chain. Sean is the man who delivers!
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RealRyder® "Unstationary" Indoor Cycling Comes to the Brandywine

(West Chester, PA - 2/2/2011) Move over, stationary cycling. There's a new workout in town, and this one is a moving experience in every sense of the expression. West Chester's first and only RealRyder® Indoor Cycling studio - Fit Ryde - brings the city the ride of its life, with fun and functional "unstationary" indoor cycling classes. This dynamic method integrates several muscle groups for a cohesive, total body workout that improves strength, stability and coordination, while increasing cardio capacity and burning extra calories (more than traditional "spinning").

At the studio's West Chester location, brand new RealRyder Indoor Cycles stand ready on articulating frames to turn, tilt and lean, closely simulating the fluid sensation and total body challenges of actual road cycling. Class participants are guided through an energizing and exhilarating workout by one of the studio's certified RealRyder trainers, where they perform a range of dynamic, functional movements. This delivers a comprehensive, cardio intensive upper and lower body workout, going well beyond the limits of a traditional stationery bike or a spinning class.

"Los Angeles has always been quick to embrace what is new and revolutionary in exercise, and we're thrilled to introduce the world's first unstationary indoor bike to a city that takes its fitness seriously," said Colin Irving, CEO, competitive cyclist and visionary behind the RealRyder concept. "RealRyder equipment was designed to appeal both to the competitive cyclists like 2009 Ultra Cycling World Champion, Fabio Biasiolo, who uses it for conditioning, as well as amateurs of all ages who ride for health, weight loss, fun or all three."

Top fitness trainers are also utilizing the unstationary indoor cycling experience to train their Hollywood clients. Beverly Hills-based Celebrity Trainer, Danny Musico, has incorporated RealRyder into the workouts of Tobey Maguire and Jessica Simpson. Pop singer Rihanna, as well as "Entourage's" Adrian Grenier and Kevin Connolly Entourage, also use the equipment to get red carpet ready.

For a limited time, Fit Ryde will offer the first class free to interested riders. The class schedule comprises several class time choices on both weekdays and weekends. The facility is also available for private or group instruction and parties.

Fit Ryde is located at 1572 Wilmington Pike (Rt. 202) 1/2 miles from the intersection of Rt. 202 & Rt.. Class schedules, reservations and additional information are online at

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