Real Ryder Indoor Cycling in West Chester, PA
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Fit Ryde West Chester
RealRyder® Exclusive Indoor Cycling & Fitness Studio
1572 Wilmington Pike (Rt. 202) 1/2 miles from the intersection of Rt. 202 & Rt. 1
Fit Ryde Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indoor Cycling?
An exercise that takes place on a stationary bicycle, usually in group class settings that are set to music and are lead by an instructor.

What's a Real Ryde?
This 45 minute ryde is guaranteed to give you that 5-in-1 workout for the whole body. The Real Ryde is designed for all fitness levels. Not simply legs and cardio, but upper body, core muscles, and balance as well.

Who can take a class at Fit Ryde?
Everyone! You can ryde as long as you are over the age of 12. We do require anyone under the age of 18 to have a parent/guardian signature on the liability form before taking your first class. All fitness levels are welcome. If you have a health/fitness issue, please consult your physician before taking a Fit Ryde class. Keeping in mind that safety is very important, at Fit Ryde your certified instructor will help push you to your maximum potential based on your current fitness level or experience.

Do I need experience?
No experience needed. Our certified instructors will make sure you are properly fitted to your bike. You will always ryde at your own pace, with the instructor leading the way with motivational help.

Do I need special gear or shoes?
Padded bicycle shorts are extremely helpful and highly recommended. You can wear regular exercise shoes, but we recommend an SPD cleat bike shoe that clips directly into the pedal.

How do I sign up for a class?
To reserve a bike online, you must have set up an account and purchased a series first. Series range from single rydes to monthly unlimited packages. Once you have done that you go to the "SCHEDULE / SIGN-UP FOR A CLASS" link and click on the class you want to take. It will prompt you to choose a bike in that class.

What is our cancellation policy?
If you cannot show up, you must cancel your reservation at least 12 hours before that class is to start; otherwise you are subject to forfeiting one of your pre-paid sessions. For customers with monthly unlimited packages, there will be a $5.00 penalty.

Is Fit Ryde available for rent to groups/private parties?
Yes, we're available for charity fundraising ryde-a-thons. Also Corporate Group Classes for companies, clubs, sports teams. (12 or more ryders are needed to reserve the studio)

What makes Fit Ryde different from other indoor cycling/spin classes?
Fit Ryde exclusively uses Real Ryder bikes, allowing riders to tilt and lean into a turn. The workouts are more dynamic, intense and comprehensive than a traditional indoor cycling bike.

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